Alpha Delta Pi is…


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Our story begins in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, where six incredible women changed the world. Led by Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, our founders formed The Adelphean Society for “the mental, moral, social, and domestic improvement of its members.” The Adelphean Society, later renamed Alpha Delta Pi, was the first secret society for college women. We began something that 25 other Panhellenic groups would later follow. In 1851, the sorority was born.

ADPis are bright, fun, and lovely young women who share the strong bond of sisterhood. The qualifications for membership have remained throughout the years: scholarship, high principles, and true friendship. Here at Baylor, we uphold these fine characteristics that make an ADPi sister so special. Zeta Chi is one of 153 International chapters of Alpha Delta Pi. We were installed on Baylor’s campus in 1980 with 90 charter members.

Our sisterhood is more than a friendship, it is a bond that lasts forever! Within two years of the first chapter at Wesleyan Female College, four new chapters were installed. Zeta Chi’s alumnae network is a close-knit group of women who are actively involved in supporting the chapter, well after graduation. It’s not four years, but FOR LIFE!



1836: Wesleyan Female College was founded as Georgia Female College in Macon, Georgia, as the first college in the world to grant degrees to women.

1851: Alpha Delta Pi was founded by Eugenia Tucker on May 15th as the Adelphean Society, making it the first secret society for women.

1905: The Adelphean Society changed its name to Alpha Delta Phi and became a national organization. Beta Chapter was established at Salem College in Winston-Salem.

1906: Gamma Chapter was founded at Mary Baldwin Seminary. The first National Convention was held in Macon, Georgia.

1907: The first The Adelphean of Alpha Delta Pi magazine was published.

1909: Alpha Delta Phi joined the National Panhellenic Conference.

1911: Elizabeth Moseley Coles was elected the first National President.

1913: The Convention body changed the name of the organization to Alpha Delta Pi, adopted a recognition pin, and appointed a standardization committee. The trustees at Wesleyan Female College voted to abolish sororities.

1915: The coat of arms was modified to include a lion rampart with a background of violets and the English version of the open motto: “We live for each other.”

1929: Beta Zeta was installed at the University of Toronto, making ADPi an international organization.

1979: Alpha Delta Pi adopted the Ronald McDonald House as the national philanthropy.

1983: The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation was established.

1999: Alpha Delta Pi ushers in the digital age by launching its first website.

2001: Alpha Delta Pi celebrated its 150th Anniversary.

2003: The new Executive Office building was completed.

2005: Memorial Headquarters renovation was completed.

2011: Alpha Delta Pi becomes the first sorority to celebrate 160 years of sisterhood.